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Hear is a generative AI platform built for contact centers. Get any insight and answer any question to enhance customer experience and agent performance.

wasting time

Still rely on inefficient, manual call analysis? That's both time-consuming and inaccurate. Get instant reports and address call escalations in seconds. 


Decrease in
operation costs

fly blind

Get concrete data to back your operational decisions across
customer experience, product insights and processes automation


Increase in

Solve  challenges

30 items you need to track for call compliance? Tier 2  call classification? We solve your complex challenges in minutes


Decrease in
operation costs
Transform your contact center into a hub of excellence with our AI-powered conversation intelligence solutions. Elevate agent performance, enrich customer interactions, and drive impactful business decisions with insights derived from every conversation.

“It’s no longer enough to offer dashboards or a word cloud that represents top call drivers; managers now seek technology that empowers them to drive business improvements within and beyond the contact center.”

Welcome to a New Dawn with ai

Supercharge your contact center
with genai

Comprehensive Analysis

Analyze 100% of customer interactions across various channels. Uncover crucial topics and effective agent strategies.

Automated Quality Assurance

Leverage advanced AI for targeted QA processes, focusing on identifying trends to drive meaningful business results.

Generative AI Native

Benefit from the first Generative AI Suite, allowing absolute flexibility for the reports you need, and diving into data through an intuitive chatable experience.

Drive Business Outcomes

Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to increase sales conversions, enhance compliance, and unveil product feature requests. 

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