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case study

Automatic Agents Evaluation with Hear.ai


Contact centers frequently struggle with the effective evaluation of their agents. Traditional methods, which rely on managers occasionally reviewing a random selection of recent calls, are not only time-consuming but also fail to provide comprehensive feedback. This results in agents being unable to improve their performance adequately, which negatively impacts customer experience. Furthermore, agents often feel undervalued and dispensable, contributing to high turnover rates and increasing operational overheads.


Hear.ai revolutionizes the evaluation process by automating the analysis of communication data. The system scrutinizes every call made by an agent, using organization-defined parameters to assess performance. This automation enables the generation of detailed evaluation reports that cover all interactions handled by the agent, along with actionable recommendations for improvements. The system's ability to track changes over time allows managers to monitor progress and provide targeted support to agents needing specific guidance.


The introduction of Hear.ai’s comprehensive evaluation system has transformed the contact center's approach to agent performance. Managers now have access to detailed insights into each agent’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for more personalized and effective coaching. This supports a culture of continuous improvement, where agents are encouraged and motivated to enhance their skills. As a result, customer satisfaction score has improved by 25% due to higher service quality, and agent retention rates have increased due to enhanced job satisfaction.

study cases

Enhancing Consumer Food Manufacturer’s Customer Service with Hear.ai


A leading consumer food manufacturer faced significant challenges in their Tier 1 customer service operations. Agents often lacked the necessary skills to quickly identify and classify severe calls, leading to delayed responses to critical customer issues. This inefficiency could escalate into larger operational problems, risking product recalls and damage to the brand’s reputation.


By implementing Hear.ai, the manufacturer equipped their contact center with advanced analytics capable of retrospectively identifying critical issues based on predefined severity criteria. The system analyzes customer interactions to detect signs of severe problems, which are then automatically flagged for urgent attention by senior staff.


The deployment of Hear.ai in the consumer food manufacturer’s customer service operations has led to a dramatic improvement in the handling of severe issues. The system ensures that critical calls are promptly identified and escalated, reducing response times and preventing small issues from becoming major crises. This proactive approach to customer service has not only safeguarded the brand’s reputation but also enhanced consumer trust and satisfaction. The company now enjoys more efficient operations, with a 50% improvement in the speed of critical issue resolution and associated costs.

study cases

Resolving Lost Sales Opportunities in the Finance Industry with Hear.ai


A prominent credit card company was experiencing missed opportunities for sales during customer support interactions. Agents, primarily focused on resolving immediate customer issues, frequently overlooked potential cues for upselling relevant promotions, resulting in significant revenue loss and reduced customer engagement.


The company integrated Hear.ai to systematically analyze customer interactions and sync with ongoing marketing promotions. Hear.ai identifies potential upsell opportunities by matching customer issues with relevant offers. For instance, if a customer calls about issues with international transactions, Hear.ai flags this as an opportunity to promote Multi-Currency Cashback Rewards.


The credit card company has successfully turned routine support calls into revenue-generating opportunities with the help of Hear.ai. By aligning marketing strategies with real-time customer interaction analysis, the system effectively prompts customer service agents to offer tailored promotions that meet the customers' needs. This strategy has not only increased the uptake of additional services but has also improved customer satisfaction by offering value-added solutions at the point of need. The integration with the company’s CRM ensures that all sales opportunities are captured and acted upon efficiently, maximizing both customer retention and profit, resulting in a 30% increase in upsell conversion rates.

study cases

Ensuring Accurate Insurance Compliance with Hear.ai


An insurance company specializing in health insurance faced considerable challenges in maintaining compliance during sales calls. The complex nature of health insurance requires agents to deliver multiple disclaimers and accurately track customers' responses, a task that was previously overwhelming due to the high volume of calls and the detailed nature of the compliance required.


Hear.ai was implemented to automate the compliance monitoring process across all calls. The system analyzes each call for compliance with required disclaimers and customer acknowledgments, flagging any discrepancies for review. Detailed analytics help identify common areas where agents miss required compliance points, allowing targeted training and updates to scripts and procedures.


With Hear.ai, the insurance company has dramatically improved its ability to ensure compliance on every call. The system's detailed reports provide insights that help refine agent training programs and enhance compliance protocols. This has reduced the risk of regulatory penalties and increased the overall quality of customer interactions. Agents are better equipped to handle calls within compliance guidelines, ensuring that all customer interactions are both productive and compliant. This has also helped in maintaining high standards of customer trust and satisfaction, which are crucial in the competitive insurance market. The company has achieved an 80% improvement in compliance accuracy.

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