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Enhancing Consumer Food Manufacturer’s Customer Service with


A leading consumer food manufacturer faced significant challenges in their Tier 1 customer service operations. Agents often lacked the necessary skills to quickly identify and classify severe calls, leading to delayed responses to critical customer issues. This inefficiency could escalate into larger operational problems, risking product recalls and damage to the brand’s reputation.


By implementing, the manufacturer equipped their contact center with advanced analytics capable of retrospectively identifying critical issues based on predefined severity criteria. The system analyzes customer interactions to detect signs of severe problems, which are then automatically flagged for urgent attention by senior staff.


The deployment of in the consumer food manufacturer’s customer service operations has led to a dramatic improvement in the handling of severe issues. The system ensures that critical calls are promptly identified and escalated, reducing response times and preventing small issues from becoming major crises. This proactive approach to customer service has not only safeguarded the brand’s reputation but also enhanced consumer trust and satisfaction. The company now enjoys more efficient operations, with a 50% improvement in the speed of critical issue resolution and associated costs.

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