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Automatic Agents Evaluation with


Contact centers frequently struggle with the effective evaluation of their agents. Traditional methods, which rely on managers occasionally reviewing a random selection of recent calls, are not only time-consuming but also fail to provide comprehensive feedback. This results in agents being unable to improve their performance adequately, which negatively impacts customer experience. Furthermore, agents often feel undervalued and dispensable, contributing to high turnover rates and increasing operational overheads.

Solution: revolutionizes the evaluation process by automating the analysis of communication data. The system scrutinizes every call made by an agent, using organization-defined parameters to assess performance. This automation enables the generation of detailed evaluation reports that cover all interactions handled by the agent, along with actionable recommendations for improvements. The system's ability to track changes over time allows managers to monitor progress and provide targeted support to agents needing specific guidance.


The introduction of’s comprehensive evaluation system has transformed the contact center's approach to agent performance. Managers now have access to detailed insights into each agent’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for more personalized and effective coaching. This supports a culture of continuous improvement, where agents are encouraged and motivated to enhance their skills. As a result, customer satisfaction score has improved by 25% due to higher service quality, and agent retention rates have increased due to enhanced job satisfaction.

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